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For the first time in Pink Dot’s 12-year history, it did not take place physically at Hong Lim Park due to the global pandemic and social measures. Unlike its previous parades where the community comes together to fly their rainbow flag high, this year's programme is adapted to the new realities by lighting up, signing up and showing up.

The theme for Pink Dot 12 is Love Lives Here, which was chosen with the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community during the circuit breaker in mind. In the days leading up to the weekend celebrations, all are encouraged to light up their homes or business with pink lights to show support to those who might not be able to do so.

Working together with the organisers, Studio Chips proposed 2 augmented reality filters for supporters to engage and participate through social media. The first filter, Connecting The Dots is a celebratory experience to commemorate the past events and their growth, inspired by the annual countdown during the physical event. The second filter, Love Lives Here is a narrative based filter that allowed users to immerse themselves in a pink lighted environment, inspired by the response of Pink Dot towards adapting the event online.

Since 2017, only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents were allowed to attend the event. As the filters only exist in digital space, it allowed more people to show their support regardless of their geographical location. Both filters were hosted on Pink Dot’s Instagram page gaining 600,000 impressions.

Give the filters a try, Connecting The Dots and Love Lives Here.

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